Tortuga Trading - Black Powder Treasures - Video

Tortuga Trading - Black Powder Treasures - Video

Scott Sommers hosts this adventurous episode shot not far from Xcorps home base Encinitas California at the Del Mar Antique show where ancient firearms expert Sean Rich owner of Tortuga Trading talks about the many original - not reproduced - weapons including guns, swords, armor along with coins and shipwreck treasure in his collections.

Sean is also had many adventures and played an important role in the movie and TV industry being a consultant weapons expert on Disney's 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films and the historically demanding blockbuster film 'the Last of the Mohicans' as well as TV the History channels 'Pawn Stars' and Nat Geo's 'Lords of War' and other productions.

Though props help make a film look authentic it's another thing to see Sean's collections with tall glass cases filled with row after row of 300 year old black powder pistols and rifles! Cases filled as well with Pirate and Spanish Crown silver and gold pulled from beneath Caribbean seas! The imagination races actually seeing and holding these items in person!

(video posted with Sean's permission 11-28-13)


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