San Diego Living (Channel 6) Visits the Show

San Diego Living (Channel 6) Visits the Show

The channel 6 morning show stops by with a TV crew...



I tried twice to print the 50% off coupon and it came to my email, but would not print. The paper went through the printer but came out blank. My printer is working fine, I just printed something else. Is anyone else having this problem?


I would see if you're able to print other EMAIL messages too. Your printer could work fine for one program, perhaps not so well for another one.

If you use a web-based email service (like Gmail or Yahoo), then you are actually printing a web browser page.

These services may use different browser "frames" to display everything, so you may need to select (click in) the frame with the coupon - before selecting the print command.

Look for a "Print Preview" feature, where you can see and experiment with program and printer options first. Hope this helps!

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