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Announcements like this are hard to write, they force us to admit things that we would prefer not to be true.

We have reached a point in our lives where both diminishing returns and our physical and emotional health require that we discontinue our promotion of the Del Mar show. The November show has been cancelled, our calendar is clear, and we plan to retire and be happy.

Will the event will continue under different leadership, in Del Mar or elsewhere? Only time will tell. If you have received show invites from Collectx.com in the past, please retain your subscription for updates - or swing by this site again in the future.

We apologize to any dealers who might feel their road trip has been disrupted, and encourage them to contact us below. We'll provide a personal referral to promoters of other similar events nearby, who will try to accommodate you.

Speaking of our dealers, we'd like to give a heartfelt "Thank You" to all who have participated over the 59 years our family has been producing shows, from our first 13-dealer show in Hemet through the 350-dealer days in Del Mar. We will miss you, but always remember what a great time we all had together.

Michael and Marilyn Grimes

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